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Burning the karmic fire, Emperor Yi sacrificed the last spirit to the ancient ancestral witches, using the power of witchcraft, reproduced all the light, penetrated the sky, gathered all the power, and turned it into an earth-shaking blow. No, Emperor Yi actually offered sacrifices to the ancient ancestral witches. The power of terror awakened the shadow of the ancestral witches and melted into the will of the ancestral witches. Even the strong people who stood at the peak of the monarch’s realm had to retreat. The Marquis was in danger! Jiang Ziya’s expression suddenly changed, his mind shook, and he could no longer keep calm in his heart. The ancient ancestor witch was terrible. He was deeply aware that he had run amuck in all directions of heaven and earth, dominating heaven and earth, not respecting saints, not respecting the way of heaven, but only respecting himself. Overbearing Zu Wu will, even across the barrier of time and space, Jiang Ziya can deeply feel that kind of terror. Jiang Huanchu, you can’t live with your own sins. Even if I fall, I can take your life. Ancestor witch reappears, even as one, a shocking blow, run amuck! Emperor Yi’s body suddenly stood up, shaking the cold light, and the shadow of the twelve ancestral witches melted into his body. The explosive power was terrible, just like the reappearance of gods and demons, turning into a ray of immortal divine light,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, and killing Dongbo Hou. At this moment, Dongbo Hou is in danger! [Chapter 658 of the main text] Deep in the void, two tall bodies incarnate ancient gods, the wind rolls, tearing open the space, even in the aftermath of the battle, can easily destroy the spirit of the gods. (Baidu Search Hot Book Pavilion One by one, the halo radiates in all directions, just like the growth rings of old trees,Concealed Flush Valve, one circle after another, endless, powerful impact stirs up endless spatial fluctuations. The battle has already entered the incandescence, and the two peak powers are rare in the world. Lu Yidao is the Fen Shen evolved from the ancient strong Taoist who left the fire with the ten princes of Jinwu. He is a double part, with unparalleled fighting power and invincible magical power. And the emperor Xin is the ancient overlord, the emperor of heaven, the emperor of heaven, a hundred generations of reincarnation, understand the mystery of fate, understand the true meaning of reincarnation, destiny magic fist, control the change of fate, reverse the creation of Yin and Yang, monstrous war deterrence in all directions. Emperor Jun really deserves to be the emperor of the demon clan in the past. He has stepped into the realm of the strongest. Now he is reincarnated. Although his magic power has not really been restored to its peak, Dao Xing has already reached its peak, even beyond the peak of the past. It is not the fate of heaven that is wrong. Perhaps the outcome of the ancient war will be rewritten! On the Golden Turtle Island, a young figure walks out of it. The muddy waves are emptied, stainless steel shower tray ,Manual Flush Valve, the nine dragons bow their heads, and the five spirits are facing the yuan. With a mouthful of Zhenyuan in their chest, they turn into a divine dragon and travel through nine days and ten places. It is the sage of Jiejiao, the leader of Tongtian Sect, who practices the sword array with fewer enemies and is one of the most powerful sages in the world of flood and famine. Master Tongtian’s eyes penetrated into the heavens, and his mind moved. The whole world was between his thoughts. Only a few secret places could not be perceived. In the depths of the void, he waited quietly for the end of the war. In ancient times, the Lich ran amuck and dominated the heaven and the earth. Even the Taoists of Sanqing, who inherited Pangu yuan Shen and practiced Xuanmen Daodao, had to retreat. Now the reincarnation of Emperor Jun is even more unfathomable, and even has a mystery beyond fate. Emperor Jun, I didn’t expect you to be so unruly. You chose a road full of thorns to impact the realm of heaven. Even if the Candle Dragon Emperor has unparalleled magical powers and is respected among saints, you dare not make a move at this moment. Great courage, great means and deep layout! Master Tongtian’s eyes suddenly shot out a light, as if he had found something. His pupils shrank suddenly. He took a breath and said in a deep voice. He looked at Di Xin’s eyes again, full of admiration. Alone and proud as he is, he has to admire the courage and courage of Emperor Jun. At this time, the six strong people in the world of heaven control heaven and earth. Even if they are saints, they have to lower their heads. No one dares to provoke the majesty of the strong people in the world of heaven. In the Eight Sceneries Palace, the sage of Taiqing looked a little complicated, his eyes turned, as if he had fallen into a memory, and his eyes, which looked into the depths of the void, were somewhat fierce.
An unconcealed powerful breath flashed away from him, and the light of the sword flashed through the space, which was no less than that of the Master of Tongtian, who was respected by Kendo. Among the three Qing Dynasties, only the sage of Taiqing achieved the position of sage when he stepped into the realm of the strongest. Three clear, only we are supreme, three clear to one, this is no one can stop the road, the supreme heavenly king, we must achieve the true supreme, supreme! Taiqing sage breath flashed away, once again restored the muddy appearance, quietly watching the battle in the depths of the void. In the Yuxu Palace, the Primitive Tianzun lies quietly on the cloud bed, and the golden lotus falls from the sky one after another, showing the appearance of the sage. The two figures sit opposite each other and cultivate both Taoism and demons. This is the deepest secret hidden in his body. Even the sage of Taiqing and the sage of Shangqing, who are both Sanqing, have never known it. This quantity plunder is also our greatest opportunity. The three Qing Dynasties are unified and the Xuanmen is unified. As long as we understand the brand of the two primordial gods, the sage of Taiqing and the sage of Shangqing, we can surely take this opportunity to impact the supreme realm and achieve the supreme way of heaven. From then on, we can overlook all living beings in heaven and earth. The real king of the world is not the way of heaven, but a chess piece. Only when we step into the realm of heaven can we truly become a chess player! Primitive Tianmo sneers, the corners of his mouth flow with a strange smile, and his face changes, which makes it difficult for people to really see clearly. This is a demon body cultivated by Primitive Tianzun, which is extremely powerful and no weaker than his own. Yes, this is the greatest opportunity for us Sanqing Taoists. Although we have lost the brand of Pangu, the real inheritance of the primordial spirit is also divided into three parts, but we believe that as long as we integrate the other two pure spirits, we can certainly impact the realm of heaven. With Emperor Jun opening the way ahead, we must seize this opportunity this time! Primitive Tianzun’s eyes are full of majesty,Time Delay Tap, and the golden lotus on his head emerges. This is a kind of supreme magical power that Primitive Tianzun realized. The three flowers on his head turn into golden lotus, which is used to protect his body. Even if the sage holds the Taoist instrument, he can’t break his defense for a while.

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