Last time, it was said that Xiao Cui hurried into the small town restaurant. As soon as the bartender saw Little Cui with a sword on her back and a blue cloak, she was travel-stained. She was younger than the young strong man who had left three days ago, but she looked much more handsome than the young strong man. Her big glittering eyes seemed to be able to speak. The bartender was stunned and thought, Why is there such a young strong man again? Hurriedly greeted with a smile: “Young master!”! Do you want to eat? Small Cui says: “I do not have a meal, why to walk into your inn?” Stunned, the bartender bowed and said, “Yes, yes!”! The little man asked the wrong question. Ask the young master to sit inside. Cui chose a table near the window and sat down. The bartender hurriedly wiped the table, poured tea and placed chopsticks. “What kind of food do you want to order, young master?” He asked. “Slow down!” Said Cui! I want to ask you about someone. “Who does the young master want to inquire about?” “Did a young strong man eat in your shop a few days ago?” The bartender opened his eyes wide. “Is the young master asking the good young man?” “Yes!”! Where did he go now? The bartender shook his head. “I don’t know.” Why don’t you know? Didn’t he do a good thing in this town and help your restaurant, I heard? Yes, yes! But he beat off the men of White Rock Castle and left! The little man really doesn’t know where he went. “Why don’t you ask him?” “This, this.” You didn’t ask? Isn’t that right? “Yes!”! The little man didn’t ask. “That’s true of you. People are very kind to you. Why don’t you ask?” Waiter did not know how to answer, but said to a drinking guest at the table, “Childe,water filling machine, we want to keep that young strong man. We can’t keep him for half a year. How can he tell us where to go?”? Even if he asks, he won’t say. Small Cui thinks also is, ask: “Why do you keep him?” “To tell you the truth, the people in the town and the villages around here want to keep the young hero here, so that they won’t be bullied by the people of Baishibao. Second, they want him to open a martial arts school here to teach young people martial arts. Even if he leaves, we won’t be afraid of Baishibao.”. Too bad he wouldn’t stay anyway! Just then,water bottling line, someone outside shouted, “The people of Baishibao are coming!”! Everybody get out of the way. Suddenly, there was a panic in the street, and the guests in the restaurant also panicked and checked out one after another? Some people leave without even paying their bills. The shopkeeper said fearfully, “Waiter, come to the door.” Small Cui says: “Hey!”! What are you doing here? Out of business? I haven’t eaten yet! The bartender thought to himself, “Could it be that this young master is also a strong man with ability?”? “Young master,” he asked tentatively, “didn’t you hear the people from Baishibao coming?” “He’s coming!”! I want to eat. “The people of Baishibao are very vicious!” “They’re not tigers, are they?” The shopkeeper begged, “Young Master, liquid bottle filling machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, if you want to eat, let’s close the door first.” “Don’t worry!”! I’m here. You don’t have to be afraid. Come here! Bring me the food quickly. The bartender said kindly, “Young master, Baishibao suffered a loss last time and someone died.”. This time I’m afraid I’m looking for trouble. There must be a lot of people coming, and the young master is alone. “Did you bring the food?”? No, if the people of Baishibao don’t burn your shop, I’ll burn it too! The shopkeeper and the bartender were too frightened to make a sound when they saw that Xiao Cui was so ferocious. They didn’t know who Xiao Cui was, but they didn’t feel as easy to talk to as the young man who came last time. “Quick!” Little Cui urged again! Bring the food quickly! With me here, I’m afraid the people of Baishibao won’t make trouble in this shop. The bartender looked at the shopkeeper and had to go into the kitchen to bring the food to Xiao Cui. As soon as I put it down, the people of Baishibao rushed into the hotel! The Bald Eagle is leading the team this time. The owner of Baishi Castle was defeated by the leopard last time and fled. He was afraid that the leopard would come into the castle. For two days and two nights, he defended day and night and dared not go out of the castle. Later, when he heard that the leopard had gone, he was relieved. It is fear that goes and nausea that comes.
He hated that the people in the town dared to ask the leopard to stay with him as an enemy. If he didn’t give the people in the town some color to see, who else would obey him in this area in the future? Can you still collect protection money? So he sent the bald eagle with more than ten fort came to the town to make trouble. The bald eagle is a mountain thief, both timid and ferocious. He felt that he had lost face last time and vented his anger on the town, so as soon as he entered the town, he killed one or two people and claimed that if the town did not hand over ten thousand taels of silver, he would set fire to the town and take away the women of the town. The restaurant is not far from the entrance of the town, and there are some shops on both sides of the street. Almost every family has their doors closed. Only this restaurant is still open. I have some doubts in my heart: Is this restaurant not afraid of itself and still open its doors to do business? Or are you too scared to close the door because you’re afraid of yourself? Don’t worry about him first, I go into the shop to eat and drink a big meal, and it’s not too late to start when I’m full. So he stepped into the restaurant with his men. As soon as he entered the shop, he shouted at the stupefied shopkeeper, “Quick!”! Quickly prepare five tables of good wine and food for me! At the same time, he went to Lao Tzu to call the neighborhood chief of the town. (In the Ming Dynasty, all the households in the country were organized into a neighborhood organization, with ten households as a neighborhood and ten households as a neighborhood. Jiashou and the neighborhood chief were both appointed by the local landlord.) Tell him to prepare ten thousand taels of silver. Otherwise, I will burn his Chuang Tzu first today. As he spoke, the bald eagle suddenly saw a young man eating at a table under a window near the street, bowing his head and turning a deaf ear to his entrance and his words! He was stunned and asked, “Who are you?” Little Cui, while eating, did not look at the bald eagle, still picking up food to eat, as if he had not heard him ask. When the bald eagle saw that little Cui had a sword on her back, he couldn’t help looking her up and down again. It seemed that she was younger than the young man he had seen last time. She was also white and elegant. He thought to himself, I won’t be so unlucky. I met a fierce little devil again, didn’t I? He asked, “I asked you,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, did you hear that?” Little Cui said lazily, “I heard that!” “Why don’t you answer when you hear it?” “Don’t you see the young master eating?” The bald eagle was on guard and asked, “Who are you?”? Where did you come from? 。

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