Of course, Yu Tianze originally did not want to take care of this matter, Mu Zirun’s mind after the idea turned around, gave him a voice in the past, made suggestions. Yu Tianze raised his eyebrows slightly and put forward his request to the suzerain-he wanted to take on the task of pulling out all the small and medium-sized immortals who betrayed the alien race. As soon as this request came out, the upper class of Zhenggang Xianzong hesitated for a moment, and then remembered the news he had just heard. It’s not a surprise. Probably, it was because the disciple’s original master betrayed the human race that he was furious? As a good leader, the upper level of Zhenggang Xianzong still gives Yu Tianze face. At the same time, they also know that Yu Tianze’s fighting power can almost achieve sweeping achievements in the realm of integration. In this case, Yu Tianze wants to take the place of Zhenggang Xianzong to mop up those traitors, and they are not dissatisfied. Therefore, the suzerain decided to give Yu Tianze part of the power. In addition to his own recruitment, he could also draw up to ten other teams of the same rank, that is, the team leader in the integration period, to encircle and suppress with him. With the onslaught of the alien race, the human race is digesting the fruits brought by the Shengyuan Sect. They should have a battle reserve. The main force is still fighting bloody battles in various battlefields. Like this, they can also do something to warn the traitors of their fate. Yu Tianze is also satisfied. At this point, everyone is happy. Next, Yu Tianze asked Mu Zirun to gather his hands, while he began to pinch the thunder and fire bombs. It’s also very easy for him to make this thing now,endless swimming pool, because he doesn’t want to be able to kill the combined monks, so he won’t consume all the true yuan every time. At the same time, because he practiced the skills left by the banished immortals, the cultivation in his body is more vigorous, and the speed of recovery is very fast. So squeezing can even play a role in cultivation, so whenever he has a little time. He will make it to his heart’s content. Now some of the monks who follow Yu Tianze regularly also know that Yu Tianze has this ability, and Yu Tianze is very generous, in addition to giving Mu Zirun 30%,endless swim spa, all the other will be distributed to them, so that they keep a lot of big killers in their hands, many times killing people do not need to consume much of their own. So, their mortality rate is low, and that’s part of the reason. Next to Luo Minglan and Li Shen saw Yu Tianze high above, around a certain distance from the periphery of so many strong breath, usually they can not see in the Jiuyang Gate high-level monks, but also secretly shocked. In the past, I only heard how good Yu Tianze was, but now I find that this kind of good is really not the general good. Luo Minglan couldn’t help thinking of Ming Kite, and she couldn’t understand why Ming Kite, backed by such a disciple, not only had to be a concubine for Chen Yiheng, but also made the relationship with the disciple collapse like this? Even if Ming Kite is a little bit smart, he should know that such an apprentice is really reliable, endless pool swim spa ,best whirlpool tub, and men are unreliable. If Ming Kite can rely on Yu Tianze, how can Luo Minglan have the capital to compete with him? Moreover, if she has Yu Tianze such an apprentice, see more Yu Tianze such charm, where will look up to Chen Yiheng! The more I thought about it, the more I felt that Ming Kite was so stupid. Luo Minglan felt that he was probably stupid before. Fortunately, she has a son now, which is probably the only thing she doesn’t regret. While thinking so, Mu Zirun had already gathered all the people together. Yu Tianze also pinched a lot of thunder and fire bombs, casually distributed them in many bags, and threw them directly to his “soldiers”: “Wherever I went on this trip, wherever I saw a traitor, no one was left.” All the friars who followed took the bag, picked up their own thunder and fire bombs and said in a loud voice, “Yes!”! No one left! Next, Yu Tianze set out with hundreds of people. Mu Zirun spent a little effort to arrange Luo Minglan’s mother and son in a place where they were not vulnerable to attack, and then flew to the front to accompany his master. Such a high-spirited master who wants to kill all the alien races and traitors is really. Beautiful. · Walking and killing all the way, Mu Zirun took the jade slips of the school where the traitors who had inquired about and were close to their route, and checked them one by one, and then killed them one by one from the nearest one.
Because Yu Tianze had already given these trivial things to his disciples, he was only responsible for taking people to kill, and the rest were all left alone. Soon came to the first small sect, here also stationed a lot of alien, at the same time, also left a certain number of human. Generally, the top level of the human race in the small sect will be taken to the battlefield, while many of the other disciples will stay behind as dependents of those alien and hybrid races. Generally speaking, the human race is attached to the hybrid race, and the hybrid race is controlled by the alien race to a certain extent, forming a distinct hierarchical relationship. For hybrids, they have to obey the orders of their superiors in their blood, but with the strength of their strength, they will also change the people they follow, so that they will not have too much resentment. But for the Betrayed Terrans, who follow the hybrids, life is not so good. However, this is also a personal choice, since the decision to betray to survive, reduced to this situation, is also purely deserved. Unfortunately, Yu Tianze decided to let them even this humble wish can not be achieved. People who betray ethnic groups should die no matter how many helpless reasons they have. Next, Luo Minglan and Li Shen saw what a killing God Yu Tianze was. This is different from when they were rescued and only saw the body. This time, they knew “how the body became”. With a wave of Yu Tianze’s hand, hundreds of monks scattered out of the big array and surrounded the whole small sect. Immediately after that, a round of thunder and fire bombs exploded crazily, killing all the traitors who dared to show themselves outside. Then the huge hammer rose into the sky, where it passed, thunder and fire gushed, all the buildings would become ruins,Chinese spa manufacturer, and the ruins, mixed with bricks and tiles, were not human. Minced meat. Chapter 177 the reappearance of Ming Kite.

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