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The “Tiantu Divine Palm” is certainly not the best in the world in terms of the power of the palm, but it has a very powerful place, that is, after a palm is sent out, the power is condensed in the palm, which can make the palm muscles stand out for the true power of the inner family. Its power is so great that it can directly approach people’s acupoints, which is more powerful than any acupoint method. As far as the wine beggar Guo Youhe is concerned, his martial arts have reached the level of being able to press the acupoint in the air. Therefore, although he knows that the man in iron clothes is wearing iron clothes, he is confident that he can send out a palm, which will cause the other party to suffer a very heavy injury! Just now his palm, when it hit the chest of the man in iron clothes, rushed to the “Xuanji acupoint” on the chest of the man in iron clothes, thinking that with only one palm, the other party might not be able to stand it, but he just shook it as if nothing had happened! Guo You-he had a look of fear in his heart, and his face changed slightly. He thought to himself that unless the other party recognized the method of moving the acupoint and changing the position, and if he had known the power of Tiantu’s palm, he would have been able to do it as if nothing had happened. Otherwise, his skill would have reached an incredible level. He forced a smile and said, “It’s your turn!” “Yes, it’s my turn,” said the man in iron coldly. “To tell you the truth, my palm is not as strong as your heavenly palm.” When they saw that he had received a slap from Guo Youhe, they felt as if nothing had happened. In their hearts, they could not help worrying about Guo Youhe, but when they heard him sigh to himself, they could not help being surprised. Only Guo You himself knew that the man in iron clothes was clearly trying to relax his carelessness, so he did not dare to neglect him at all. The True Qi was condensed, and the whole body was agitated, so that the whole body was stronger than the steel. See the body of the man in iron clothes,14 tube fitting, “clank” sound, suddenly step forward, raise the palm and hit, the skill is very fast, has hit Guo has his left chest. Guo Youhe gave a muffled hum and took a step back. His face turned pale. After a while, he gradually turned a little pale. “Your Excellency is really too self-deprecating,” he said. It turned out that he knew that the man in iron clothes was not a good match, and he had already gone all out. The man in iron clothes slapped him up, and the True Qi went up to meet him. If the other side’s skill was a little poor, his True Qi here would meet him, and the other side would be shaken open. If he didn’t do it well, even his arm would be broken! But when Guo had his true strength to greet him,tube fitting manufacturer, suddenly, he felt a chill of his cold bone, which came from the palm of the other side, and immediately shivered smartly. As soon as he shivered, the True Qi could not help but disperse slightly. The strength of the Iron Clothes Man’s palm immediately took advantage of the gap and entered. Guo Youhe felt that it was not good. When he breathed again to meet him, it was already too late. He had to draw his chest and pull out his back. With the strength of his opponent’s palm running like a river, he took a step back, but he had already suffered internal injuries! Fortunately, with deep skill, in an instant, the True Qi drifted away, and a big week passed before the injury was slightly stopped, and there was blood on the face! At this point, the onlookers were all people in the martial arts world. Naturally, they could see that Guo Youhe had already been injured. They could not help but be shocked, because the wine beggar Guo Youhe’s name, as early as a few decades ago, had been as famous as the Bitter Venerable Snow Mountain Shenqiao, Rose Fairy and so on. He was respected by people in the martial arts world as one of the top ten masters in the world. Now he has suffered internal injuries under one hand, and the power of the other hand can be. Of course, others have not suffered, brass tube fitting ,stainless steel needle valve, do not know Guo has his defeat, is really defeated in that sudden, bone-chilling above! After Guo You recovered his breath, he forced a smile and said, “Now it’s my turn again!” He knew that the first palm had been hurt like this, and if he got another palm, he would not even have the strength to send it. The key to success or failure was this palm. Therefore, as he spoke, he gathered his true strength, and the word “le” came out. With a little tiptoe, his body jumped up in the air, and the force of his palm was like a mountain, pressing down on the top of the head of the man in iron clothes. With a loud bang, he was pressing on the top of the head of the man in iron clothes. At the same time, the true strength of his palm was close to the “Baihui point” in the heart of Tieyi’s head. The “Baihui point” is located at the top gate. It is the starting point of the Governor Vessel, approaching the “Lingtai”, “Zhongzhong”, “Mingmen” and other important points. It also leads the eight extra meridians. It is the first important point of the human body. Guo Youyou, a wine beggar, hates evil all his life. He can’t tolerate evil people. However, it is the first time to attack Baihui point with “Tiantu Shenzhang”.
Because in recent years, the man in iron clothes has made great achievements, and his martial arts are so high. If he doesn’t get rid of it, he will leave endless trouble in the martial arts world. So he hit his vital point. With a slap, the man in iron clothes suddenly became shorter. Guo Youhe turned over in midair and jumped away. When he looked closely, the man in iron clothes stood up straight again, but a piece of bluestone under his feet was already torn apart and broken. Guo Youhe originally knew his palm, although after the injury, but because it is desperate, strength is still not weak, and even if the other side will “move the point transposition” kungfu, the “Baihui point” is in the skull, absolutely can not be removed, the man in iron clothes must be seriously injured, but when he saw the four-inch thick bluestone slab at the foot of the man in iron clothes, it has been broken, and his heart is cold. After all, he was a senior in the martial arts world. At a glance, he knew that the man in iron clothes must know how to use his body to unload his strength. He had already unloaded more than half of his palm strength to the soles of his feet. Therefore, the thick bluestone would break. With a deep sigh in his heart, he said, “It’s your turn again!” After speaking, his eyes closed slightly, he went all out after the injury, sent a palm, Zhenyuan loss is great, knowing that the other side to a palm, if the strength is not destroyed, he will become seriously injured, can not send a palm to hurt people, and the third palm, but absolutely can not escape. Moreover, even if we escape, we have just made it clear that those who fail in the competition will have to commit suicide and will not have the audacity to live in vain! Guo has a dark wonder in his heart, if the other side will borrow the method of body unloading, then the origin of the person, even more unpredictable, because this kind of kungfu, only when the supreme internal skill of Buddhism, Prajna Divine Skill, is practiced to the top of the realm, can it use its own True Qi to move any huge incoming force to other places invisibly, so that it will not hurt itself, but according to the behavior of the man in iron clothes, Is that a bit like a Buddhist? The man in iron smiled and said, “Please!”! Concession! The direction of the slap just now is accurate, but the force is not strong enough! “Clang” repeatedly, took a step forward,ball valve manufacturer, the palm raised, “call” to a palm, but also when the head straight down.

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