The souls of the players who are attached to these bodies must use the body that has become a zombie if they want to continue to stay in this plot world. Otherwise, they can only return to the space of God dejectedly. The reason why Ziqing is still here is to see if there are any people who have become zombies and evolved powers. All evolved, kill! Strangled in the cradle. Chapter 1452 underbelly black, self-taught. When he heard the system prompt tone of “Ding”, he felt a tight heart, hurriedly called out the system panel, dialed out the contact list, and saw that the names on it turned gray. In a hurry, he punched the table next to him, and with a “bang”, the marble table was smashed to the ground. She didn’t listen to his advice and attacked Ziqing in private. The boss hasn’t entered the plot world yet, and something must have gone wrong in the middle. In this way, he can only try his best to fix the “protagonist” of the plot world before the end of the world. Unfortunately, everything seems to be arranged in the dark. Whether he was a poisoner or a hired murderer, they would avoid it without any trace,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, or even expose their identity. He outsmarted himself, and now he has torn his face and openly opposed the main character’s camp. Unexpectedly, Tang Wanlian was also planted in the hands of Zi Qing, and even so many players were damaged in an instant. Although I don’t expect those players to be able to help much, but somehow it’s a piece of chess. It’s not used yet, it’s gone. It’s really very annoying. Could it be that this first serious head-to-head contest has been thrown in the towel? In this way,small geared motors, I’m afraid my position in the heart of the eldest brother will be shaken. I don’t know what went wrong, but Lillian’s body didn’t develop in the direction of having powers in the original plot, but turned into a zombie directly. Tang Wanlian could not accept the fact that she had now sensed that the body was beginning to rot slowly and emit a stench. She would never lodge her soul in a zombie body. She thought that Ziqing’s body was not the product of her own experiment? Although it is also a zombie, it is transformed. Not as strong as the silver emperor’s body, but at least it is immortal. So she forced her soul to stay in the plot world, and then got into the sea of knowledge of Ziqing in an attempt to seize it. Tang Wanlian saw the white protective film on the sea wall, and she understood everything. So, in fact, from the beginning of the experiment, they not only did not erase her memory, but also helped to protect the sea; so she actually knew the whole process of the experiment like the palm of her hand; so those experiments were her complete personal feelings.. However, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, Tang Wanlian clearly remembered. During the whole experiment, the woman did not show any more behavior than any other subjects, no vivisection and experiments under anesthesia, no drug injection. And later tests of biological and chemical weapons.. Everything, she actually so completely bear down. While Tang Wanlian was shocked, she was more determined to kill Ziqing. This woman is so horrible that she is not a person. If she had previously thought that Ziqing’s series of suggestions for the whole city were just as naive as playing house. So now she has to think. Or that’s exactly what the other side is doing. Unfortunately, when she thought of this, it was too late to repent. Tang Wanlian felt a strong suction coming from the sea wall and pulled her soul directly in! Zi Qing just don’t have so much mood with a don’t know how to take over the enmity, and has been step by step deliberately plan to frame their enemies indecisive. And the soul is still so weak, dare to be so arrogant, first detained in their own knowledge of the sea and then slowly do! Zi Qing can’t imagine that this woman would dare to let her soul stay in the plot world without any protection, you know, for players, if there is no guidance for system tasks. Without the body as the most powerful barrier to the soul, in the plot world, like ghosts, everything outside can easily hurt the soul. This is just like the difference between a ghost and an ordinary ghost. A ghost has an identity document and takes a job, which is justified. While ghosts are not protected from anything.
So, she not only does not return to the main God space obediently, but also dares to come to the door directly to provoke, does she really think that she dare not kill her? Or do you think you really have nothing to do with her soul? But now that she has discovered the secret of knowing the sea, she can’t leave! That’s not fair. Don’t you always pretend to be fair? Those people have no quarrel with you. Why did you kill them? You are a duplicitous hypocrite, you. Tang Wanlian’s soul struggled crazily in the sea of knowledge, rushing left and right. Fair? How dare you say fair to me? Is not all this a trap of your own making? Are you still regretting now. Why didn’t you just torture me to death in the lab? But it’s just a little bit. Do you know how painful those live experiments are? Don’t look at me with resentment. I won’t let you be so perverted, so you won’t have a chance to experience it later. “If I am right, you have confirmed my identity not long ago, but you want to achieve greater achievements and victories, so you want to use public opinion to defeat me from body to heart.”. You said I was hypocritical. I am hypocritical, saying that I am duplicitous, but all this has nothing to do with me, ah, you said, you are nothing in my heart. I will only live for myself, and I will only live for the people who really cherish me, respect me and love me. You can’t imagine that I will be distracted by the clamor of your bastards. Zi Qing’s small tomb has not yet returned,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, and it will take some time to recover if he devours it with his own soul. So Ziqing decided to confine her to her own knowledge of the sea. Now that she has taken the initiative, since she wants to play lip service, then accompany her to quarrel. ichgearmotor.com

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