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In the future, Tang Nineteen, who was rumored to be stronger than a black bear, was sitting on a rickety carriage, his little white hands clenched into fists in the dark. The key to her waist and eyes was pinned by a sharp knife, and the person holding the knife was trembling, but the hand holding the knife was steady and strong-if she wanted to stick it down, it would not be misplaced at all. The cloaked man in black sitting in front of her covered his head with only a pair of shining eyes and looked at her with a half-smile. Tang 19 took a deep breath and glanced coldly at the man holding the knife against her waist. Tang Yu, I don’t need your explanation. I just want to say one thing to you. “You and I are no longer friends.” No friend tricked her into getting into the carriage as soon as he met her, and as soon as he got into the carriage, he put a dagger to her waist. Tang Yu does have a lot of difficulties, but she can’t cheat her again and again. The hand holding the dagger trembled slightly, and Tang Yu whispered, “I never deserve to be your friend.”. At least, in this life. You have never thought of treating anyone other than Tianshu sincerely. It’s not that you’re not allowed by anyone, but that you don’t fight for it. Nineteen snorted coldly, “If there is a need, I will never be soft on you.” Tang Yu bit his lip, 19 seems to be completely unaware that she has been “not soft” on her once,wire nail machine manufacturers, almost let her never come back to life. Tang Nineteen looked at her with a cold, distrustful look that made her feel uncomfortable. Tang Nineteen, who was kidnapped by her and talked and laughed, called her Yuyu and changed ways to make her wear women’s clothes, would never come back. Tang Nineteen is right. She has never fought for what she really wants. Tianshu. Tang Nineteen. Both. Tang 19 no longer paid attention to Tang Yu, but looked at the man in black who had been silent all the time. Tianxiu, I can recognize you even if you turn into ashes. There’s really no need to do these things. With a gentle smile,wire nail making machine, the man in black took off his mask and bamboo hat, revealing an unusually pale face that had just recovered from a serious illness. “Nineteen beauties are observant, and Xiaosheng admires them.”. It’s not mystifying, but Xiaosheng is recovering from a serious injury, and he really can’t blow the wind. “Peach blossom eyes sparkling, did not speak first smile, said the understatement.” How many people in the world can seriously injure you? Tang Nineteen sniffed and looked at the casual smile and decided that this fellow was pretending to be garlic. “Don’t blame others if you go crazy in practice.” “Cough, cough, cough.” Tianxiu just wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t help coughing. After a while, he raised his head and his thin lips were stained with a faint trace of blood. Beauty, I’m going to die, and you won’t give me a little pity? Tang 19 smiled coldly. “I wish I could kill you myself.” She is too naive, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Iron Nail Making Machine, Shen Yuntan went out after the sudden appearance of Tang fish let her full of surprise, completely did not think that Tang fish would actually drug her. I didn’t notice it just now, but now the internal force is losing one point at a time, and the clenched fist is gradually turning white. I thought at least you would be happy to see the Tang fish, but I didn’t expect to flatter the horse again. Tianxiu leaned against the wall of the carriage, looking very weak, and waved her hand to Tang Yu. “She can’t go anywhere without pointing at the guests.” Tang Yu drew back his dagger and lowered his head, not daring to look at Nineteen’s eyes. Tianxiu suddenly stretched out his hand and brought Nineteen into his arms. Nineteen found that his ten fingers had completely turned black and purple. She once heard Yun Tan say by chance that there was a kind of kungfu in Tangmen. After practicing it, her fingers were as dark as ink, and she waved her palm to see the poison scattered invisibly. It is the most sinister martial art of Tangmen. It has strong anti-devouring power and does great harm to itself. So Tang Shi has not practiced it for many years. Don’t look at Tang Yu with such mean eyes. My brother will be distressed. Tianxiu held her wrist and slid her dark fingers gently on her snow-white skin. “It’s me who poisoned her.” “Shen Yuntan seems to have lied to you again. He must not have told you that Tang Yu was seriously injured and killed by him.” Tianxiu tilted her head and looked at the expression of nineteen, like a child looking at candy. Tang Nineteen’s face was expressionless. “That’s also a matter between us. It has nothing to do with you.” The main character in question stood in an empty room and lost his mind in an instant. The innkeeper said that nineteen was picked up by her little brother.
Her little brother was short and wore a bamboo hat in a mysterious way. The waiter, who had a good thing, peeped at him carefully. Tut, tut, the face under the bamboo hat was really ugly and terrible. What is a bolt from the blue, what is a head of cold water poured down, cloud talk thoroughly, understand. Tianxiu tilted his head and smiled softly. “I guess what will he tell you?”? That I killed the Tang fish? Make you hate me and want to kill me? “Do you want me to hate him and kill him?” Tang Nineteen responded lightly, “unfortunately, it’s too late.”. Now for me, it doesn’t matter who hurt the Tang fish. If Tang Yu invited her in another way, she would still care and cry. But now, she did not want to pay any attention to this little sister who was full of difficulties and could not help herself. Tang Nineteen is not a sage monk, nor the parents of Tang Yu, not so tolerant and magnanimous heart to forgive her again and again. Now Tang Yu is nothing to her, just like Xu Ziqing. Tianxiu sighed, tilted his head, looked at Tang Yu with a little pity, then looked at Tang Nineteen, and could not help reaching out to hook her chin. Heaven and earth conscience, at that time this is just a whim or hook up with the girl more subconscious action, absolutely no frivolous meaning, but Tianxiu forgot, he hooked up with Tang 19. Although Tang Nineteen was poisoned, his internal force was not enough, but there were still some movements on his hands. The fist has been clenched for a long time, it is said that the fist that has been clenched for a long time is more painful to hit people, so Tianxiu’s chin thoroughly tasted this taste. Tang Nineteen gnashed his teeth. Tianxiu covered his chin and wailed for a long time. Then he lisped, “Nineteen, I’m here to kidnap you.” Tang Nineteen glared at him. Tianxiu habitually pulled up a smile: “Nineteen, I found your father.”. So I came to kidnap you and let’s get married. His lips suddenly close to her face, raised a strange arc, “Gao Tang found a good,Automatic Nail Making Machine, finally can marry you, we will never be separated, okay?” 。 3shardware.com

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