But Du Hang’s first sword finished the fourth sword, and the fourth sword finished the chaos of the second sword. What a mess of swordsmanship. Kong Zheng found that after the opponent’s “four swords”, the “two swords” were used again. The movements were jerky and the flaws were so big that he could not bear to look directly at them. Seeing that the opponent’s sword was stiff and had no power at all, he did not want to delay any more. He drew a shoulder pole in the past. Bang- The soft and long shoulder pole hit the back of the head. Du Hang snorted and fell down directly. Look! Du Hang was beaten into the dung bucket! Chapter 27, strange ingredients. There was complete silence, and the result was clearly beyond everyone’s expectation. Du Hang, who was second only to several Elder Martial Brotherthers Kamiya and Wang Tun, was turned over by this nameless Elder Martial Brother with a shoulder pole. Who dares to believe this? They looked at Kong Zheng, and their eyes changed from surprise to respect. OK What a great brother. The crowd inquired about Kong Zheng, while Wang Tun, who was next to him, said faintly, “Fool, I’m kind enough to remind you, but you don’t listen.” Kong Zheng’s background is mysterious, his swordsmanship is mysterious, and he keeps a low profile. I’ve been with Kong Zheng for three months, and I’ve just learned a little fur. I can dominate Baishitan. You deserve it. Shouting loudly, Du Hang climbed up and rushed to the river in a mess. Everyone covered their noses and snickered. Du Hang’s cheeks were red, and his heart was angry and weak. Tears as big as beans fell from his eyes. He was pitiful and down and out. This kind of experience, Wang Tun also straight sigh pity,Granite Slab Supplier, but he did not sympathize with, this is self-inflicted. Brother Kong keeps a low profile and doesn’t like to argue. He advises everyone not to do these stupid things like Du Hang. Wang Tun took the opportunity to step on Du Hang’s foot, at the same time to keep up with flattery, since Kong Zheng has exposed strength, sooner or later he will show in front of people, it is better to take advantage of today’s appearance to let everyone know. Kong Zheng a shoulder pole put Du Hang, has been recognized by the public,Artificial Marble Slabs, who nothing will find setbacks, but Kong Zheng sudden emergence, let everyone curious up. I’ve never heard of such a classmate before. When Kong Zheng found himself in the spotlight, he smiled and said, “Please give way.” Elder Martial Brother Kong, how did you defeat Du Hang with a shoulder pole? That move just now seems to be very much like the style of the Five Old Shakes. Kong Zheng thought to himself, “If you smoke it casually, you may hit it by mistake.”. By the way, it’s Wang Tun who usually points me out. Ask him. Kong Zheng hurriedly left, Wang Tun was surrounded, at the moment the vanity burst. He took out the airs of a master and imitated what Kong Zheng had taught him, saying lightly, “Don’t ask, brothers. There is only one secret, that is, Calacatta Nano Glass ,White Marble Mosaic, to practice the first two moves of Qingxuan Swordsmanship well!”! That is the cornerstone of the whole swordsmanship. Only by practicing diligently can we have a deeper understanding of the following moves. The reason why Brother Kong can defeat Du Hang is that he has a solid foundation. Wang Tun’s words were loud, and in his envious eyes, he chased Kong Zheng with a dung bucket. Tut, tut, tut. Elder Martial Brother Wang Tun really has a unique view. But I didn’t see how he practiced his sword. “Yes, he didn’t practice in the ruined temple. Why did he suddenly rise?” “Is it a gift?” “Elder Martial Brother Chen Bao said that Elder Martial Brother Wang Tun’s talent is average.” In that case, it can only be diligence! “But..” In the final analysis, Elder Martial Brother Wang Tun didn’t practice his sword assiduously. “Wait!”! I got it! It seems that he has done nothing, but Elder Martial Brother Wang Tun has been insisting on the task of merit! There should be a secret for him to become stronger! The crowd suddenly discovered something great. If you remember correctly, Wang Tun was just carrying dung. Is it really difficult for him to practice holding his breath to ensure that his breath is long? …… A day’s work, although bitter, but a lot of achievements. Because of this episode, Kong Zheng has now become the top seven of the new disciples, second only to the five Kamiya and Wang Tun. At this moment, Wang Tun smelled that there was no peculiar smell on his body, and even the fragrance of herbs. He felt that the task of cleaning up the animal enclosure and fertilizing the spiritual garden was not bad.
“Brother Kong, my achievements will soon reach three hundred. I’ll move to your neighborhood in a few days. Help me pick a good place then!” In the past few months and Kong Zheng together to complete the task of merit, Wang Tun also saved more than two hundred merit, according to the rich merit of picking dung and fertilizing, it seems that in seven or eight days, he can also change an independent residence. When Kong Zheng heard this, he said, “Change the body quenching paste first.” “Listen to you.” Wang Tun did not even think about it, Kong Zheng is currently his most trusted person, he can make such a proposal, I am afraid it has been secretly changed before. What else did Wang Tun want to say? He found that Kong Zheng had picked up a few huge dead leaves and wrapped them carefully. Wang Tun leaned over and suddenly froze. “You..” Why are you stealing shit? Kong Zheng is helpless: “Idiot, this is not excrement.” Wang Tun dare not provoke Kong Zheng, but this is shit! This is nothing, Wang Tun found Kong Zheng will be a few pieces of shit like things, added to the leftovers. I! Yes! God! Is this the secret of Kong Zheng’s excellent swordsmanship? Sleep on brushwood and taste gall?! Wang Tun felt a little dizzy and found that Kong Zheng had gone with the leftovers. Wang Tun, who came to his senses, looked at his leftovers with a complicated expression. He silently took the leftovers from the bamboo basket and wandered outside the Lingpu. Do you want to steal two pills to try first. In case It’s really getting stronger. …… It was late afternoon. Kong Zheng came to Tanggu again. Winter snow, cold wind and heavy sky, He Fangxiao came into my door. There are thousands of swordsmanship in his chest, and there is no opponent in his life. Ask you dare to appear to see, tonight will give the mark of life and death. The gutless dog thief is silent. Is he afraid of being a ghost? While reciting poems, Kong Zheng scrubbed his body and soaked for a while. Seeing that the four fields were still silent, he flattened his mouth and got up to leave. As usual, a basket of leftovers was placed in place. After Kong Zheng left, I do not know how long, in the soup pool, a person floated up. How interesting This kid again, did he find me or not? It was a young man, about thirty years old, dressed in tight, scaly clothes,Agate Stone Price, with an ugly scar on his face, a spear on his back, and his hair hanging wet behind his head.

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