A crisp and quick voice of complaint sounded, breaking the silence of the field, and also breaking the illusion. Nalongting woke up with a shock, looking gloomy, and no longer full of interest at the beginning. After Gui woke up, he looked around and touched my half-drooping phoenix eyes. There was a trace of blush on his old face. Maybe he was angry from embarrassment. From the crowd who gradually stood up, a tall and plump figure came out, squinting at me arrogantly, and appeared in front of me. Had it not been for the wrong occasion, I would have whistled-beauty, true prairie beauty! She was sixteen or seventeen years old, less than half a year older than me, but half a head taller than me, if standing beside the glass wave, probably just under the earlobe of the glass wave, a typical grassland girl’s height, but her face had the shadow of a beautiful woman, her eyebrows were divided into spring willows, her eyes were like eyes, her nose was like lips, she wore a red cap with snow-white fox fur, and she wore a tight red leather robe. Wrapping a black whip around the waist, stepping on delicate buckskin boots, the collar and cuffs of the leather robe are embedded with a circle of snow-white fox fur, making public wantonly, showing the perfect figure and charming face undoubtedly, full breasts, slender waist like willows,Stainless Steel Toilet China, round buttocks high, in the women of the day, have I ever seen such a beautiful figure that seduces people to commit crimes? Pure and elegant face, enchanting perfect figure, harmonious integration together, is simply a natural beauty! If compared with Hua Xun Dance, her beauty is obviously much worse, if compared with Xuan Er, lazy amorous feelings are far less, if compared with me,Time Delay Tap, probably also lost a temperament, but-whether it is Hua Xun Dance, Xuan Er or me, even if we can rely on the appearance to embellish charming and gorgeous, but not her natural sexy enchanting! With this unique beauty, I immediately learned her identity, as well as her behavior, of course, on the surface or pretend not to know, angry with this arrogant prairie beauty. It’s so beautiful. I wonder who this is? I looked at her with sincere admiration and asked with a smile. As the saying goes, hand does not hit the smiling face, even if her temper is extremely arrogant, the presence of the prince prince and prime minister are all people, also can not tolerate her in this case, right? “I am Mog!” She held her head high and insolent, taking it for granted that I had heard of her’greatness’. Mog? The first beauty of the prairie, who disliked the beauty of Lilang and did not want to appear on the same occasion with him-I glanced at Lilang, who was looking at me innocently, but his eyes were full of banter. Oh? Mog? I was still at a loss, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,Flush valve price, clearly showing that I was unfamiliar with the name of the beauty, the audience began to whisper, the beauty was ashamed and angry, let me almost laugh in the bottom of my heart. You, hum- “Mog stamped his feet angrily, his arrogant expression changing again and again, and I tried to suppress a smile.” Miss Feng has just arrived, and naturally she has never heard of my daughter’s name. No need to fool around! “Miss Feng is a distinguished guest of the prince and the prince. How can you run wild?” The prime minister by your look at me with a slight smile, turned his head but loudly pretended to reprimand Mo ge, want to think of this Mo ge usually arrogant temper is more than half caused by this kind of father, such an occasion, unexpectedly can’t help say to help his daughter, I really doubt this by your is not the legendary Han by your. As soon as Meg heard that her father was helping her, she regained her fighting spirit. I am Mo Ge, the first beauty of the prairie. I heard that you are called the first wine fairy in Tianri Wulin. Although it’s nothing for a girl to drink well, it’s too exaggerated to be called a wine fairy, isn’t it? Too good wine is a drunkard, not worthy of Wang Ye brother; I also heard that you are the first thousand golden phoenix girl, the people of heaven like to flatter trouble, you are not rich? Do rich people deserve such respect? Then my father is the prime minister of Xile, and the prince and the prince are my brothers. If I go to Tianri Wulin, won’t I be more famous than you? I lowered my body slightly, as if I was ashamed of Meg’s words, but in fact I laughed so hard that my stomach cramped and I had no strength to refute. The red silk behind me finally couldn’t help but take a step and stand sideways in front of me, leaning high and squinting at Moge, more arrogant than Moge.
“Miss Mog, the’first ‘of the day is not as easy to get as Siler, the first wine fairy, that means good wine is like a fairy, this fairy in the sky, I’m afraid ordinary mortals are not worthy of it (Li Lang blinked, how can this’ordinary mortals’ sound so harsh?) As for the first daughter, the day of a vassal state is more than Siler, the whole day are recognized as the first daughter, that can be more noble than the princess of the day, not to mention your prime minister’s daughter? Our Feng family is a descendant of the heavenly royal family. If Miss Mogue wants to be more famous than my young lady, then from now on, she will work hard to cultivate the Yin virtue of ten lifetimes. When the eleventh generation is reincarnated, she will be able to reach half of my young lady’s honor now. Red silk had sharp teeth and a sharp mouth, and even the aggressive red silk was willing to bow to the wind. At first, Moge had grown up and cut his eyes. He listened to the red silk in a daze. When he heard the last few words, he finally heard the sarcasm of the red silk. His face was white and blue, and he stared at the red silk angrily. But I smirk unceasingly, never thought to stop the red silk, let her make trouble, if Na Longting and you Gui just want to test whether I can endure humiliation to determine the future of me and Li Lang, then what am I polite? Whether Li Lang’s face can get by depends on his performance, but this is his territory. Feng Gu’s words are so sharp, really let the old man open his eyes, I think Feng Gu is also the origin of family learning, Miss Feng is a descendant of the royal family, but I do not know which branch is handed down? You Gui stroked the beard on his chin, his eyes ejaculated, and his smile was particularly proud. My heart a tremor-originally, the trap is waiting for me here! Of course, the greatest pain in the hearts of the Xile people is to bow down to the sun, but the people who let Xile bow down are the Rui King and his wife of the sun. If I say it is the Rui King, won’t it arouse the great anger of the Xile people? Ruthless by your prime minister, so, even if the glass waves have some affection for me,stainless steel squatting pan, but as a member of the royal family, how can you go against the will of the people of Xile? “Does it matter which branch it is from?” I asked frankly with a smile. If it’s not important, why can’t Miss Feng speak frankly? You Gui sneered slightly. Nalongting raised his eyebrows and looked at us in silence.

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